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About Octen LLC Notary Services


Whether you need a single document notarized or something far more complex, our professional, reliable team is willing to assist.

We have two options to get your documents notarized. We will travel to you. Whether it be your home, office, hospital, eldercare facility, school, or assisted living facility we will come to you at no additional cost within 30 miles of our office. Or come to our office located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Our notary service is by appointment only and we are available during the weekends.

Available Notary Signings

  • Adoption paperwork

  • Advance Health Care Directive

  • Auto Sales Title Transfer

  • Barber/Cosmetology Application

  • Business and Commercial Documents

  • Certification of Trust

  • Child Travel Consent Form

  • Deeds

  • DMV documents

  • Form I-9 Services

  • General Transfer

  • Hospital/Nursing Home Notary

  • Last Will & Testament

  • Medical documents

  • Nomination of Guardianship

  • Power of Attorney

  • Residential & Commercial Lease

  • School District Residential Affidavit

  • Small Estate Declarations

  • Student/Parent Authorization Form

  • Travel Documents

  • Trusts

  • And More

Acceptable Forms of Identification

Every signer must show valid (not expired) photo identification. All identification must contain a photo, a physical description, a signature, and a serial number. Florida recognizes the following types of identification if issued within the last 5 years:

  • Driver License

  • State-issued driver’s license

  • State-issued identification card

  • U.S. Passport

  • U.S. Military identification card

  • Mexican or Canadian Driver's License

  • Foreign Passport

  • Resident alien identification card (green card)

Unaccepted Forms of Identification

Checking and verifying the signer's identity is a critical step in performing a notarial service. Some people may view it as a nuisance, but it’s performed to safeguard against fraud. 

  • Birth certificates

  • Social security cards

  • Credit cards

  • Debit cards

​What you need to know for your appointment.

  1. Physical Presence ~ The signer(s) being notarized must be present at the time of the Florida notarization.

  2. Proper Forms of Identification The signer(s) must have a photo ID that covers the names shown on the document (for example, if your middle name is spelled out on the document, it must be spelled out on your photo ID). The ID can have more than the document, just not less. 

  3. Document(s) and the Names on the Document(s) ~ You must have the document that is being notarized. A Florida Notary is not permitted to draft documents or provide legal documents. We can, however, print the document for you if you email them to us prior to your appointment with additional cost.  If we come to your location, please print all documents before we arrive.  It is very important to give yourself time to troubleshoot any printing issues and to give yourself time to proofread the document, especially making sure the name on the document is spelled correctly and checked against the signer’s ID. 

  4. Blank Lines ~ We cannot notarize incomplete documents with incomplete blank lines (that you don’t have the information for) in the text above your signature line or just the last “signature page” without the rest of the document present.

  5. Competency and Comprehension ~ All signers need to be competent to sign and be fully alert and be able to prove to the notary that they understand the contents being signed. Nodding is not sufficient. If the signer cannot speak, then he or she will need to be able to write out complete sentences to questions.  We cannot notarize someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia or someone on medication that makes the signer extremely drowsy. You may need to go to court to be able to take over the signing responsibilities for someone if signing a document such as a Power of Attorney cannot be notarized because of these issues.  Every signer must demonstrate a willingness to sign the documents without coercion. He/she must also be aware of what they are signing and understand the significance of the transaction. Documents cannot be notarized if there is any cognitive impairment.

  6. Foreign Language ~ Each signer needs to be able to explain what he or she is signing in English directly to the notary, without a translator.

  7. Signature Issues ~ The signer needs to be able to sign in a way that resembles a signature, even if no longer looks like the original signature on an ID. If the signer can only make some kind of small mark or “x” on the signature line, then that is considered “signature by mark” and it adds additional layers of complexity that we are, unfortunately, not set up to handle.

  8. Minors ~ Florida does state you should follow the same guidelines that you would for any other notarization. Personal appearance is still required for a notarial act involving a minor.  Personal appearance is still required for a notarial act involving a minor. A parent cannot sign for the minor, and they cannot try to identify the minor for you. The minor must be physically present in front of you at the time of the act.  Proper identification of a minor is the area many notaries encounter a problem. You must still adhere to Florida law about the allowed forms of identification. If the minor does not possess any of them, credible witnesses can be used.

Disclaimer – Octen LLC Notary Services

We are not attorneys. We cannot by law, interpret or explain the contents of any documents to you. If you have any important questions about your documents, please contact an attorney or the person who provided the documents to you.

Octen LLC Notary Servicing Areas

  • Boca Raton

  • Boynton Beach

  • Delray Beach

  • Greenacres

  • Hobe Sound

  • Indiantown

  • Jensen Beach

  • Jupiter

  • Lake Park

  • Lake Worth

  • Lantana

  • North Palm Beach

  • Palm Beach

  • Palm Beach Gardens

  • Palm City

  • Port St Lucie

  • Riviera Beach

  • Royal Palm Beach

  • Saint Lucie West

  • Stuart

  • Wellington

  • West Palm Beach

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