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"If you build it, they will come"

~Field of Dreams

Now more than ever the internet has become an integral part of everyday lives and businesses. Maintaining an online presence is important to gain and maintain clients and connect with people from near and far.

We offer website design that targets your audience. We aim to create a site that stays true to your goals and mission for your business and brand. Whether it is a blog, public brand, or e-commerce site, we want to co-create a website with you that fits your needs.

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Created By Octen
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Once we get a website up and running, we like to put the power in the hands of our clients and let them take the reins. While we will still provide assistance, the goal is to empower clients to manage their websites effectively. Maintenance is key when it comes to staying relevant and creating fresh content. Dashboard training will be available to clients if they choose to maintain their website on their own. 

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What Platforms do you work with?

We are partnered with WIX.  It is a great tool to teach our clients how to use it if they would like to maintain their website.

Do I need to purchase and domain before hiring your team?

No, we can assist with getting your domain name.  If you already have one we can link it to your new site!

How long does it take to get my site launched?

Depending on your needs, it will take between 4 to 8 weeks.  The longer it takes a client to deliver content and photos to us the longer the project may take.

What is the cost and do I need to pay upfront?

We were a starter company too, we can relate to how expensive it is to start a business.  Contact us for a quote and payment arrangements.  We are here to support you!

Why should I hire Octen LLC to design my website?

We can relate to the anxiety of starting or building a business and hiring the right company to do a website that represents your brand.  


Image by Adem AY

SOCIAL MEDIA ~ One of the best advertising for your business is social media! Whether you are looking to enhance your current social media accounts or need assistance in creating a social media presence, we can help.  We are here to help you determine which platform is good for your business if your business isn't already on social media.  We will assist with setting up your social media accounts. If you already have social media accounts, we can do an audit and provide suggestions for improvements. 


Web Design

  • Tailormade  & functional web design

  • Web design that is mobile responsive

  • E-commerce, POS, inventory integration

  • Calendars

  • Blogs

  • Social Media connectivity

  • Websites maintenance tutorials

Social Media Services

  • Social media connectivity

  • Intuitive database integration

  • Video and interactive animations

  • Smart and commerce forms

  • Photo galleries, image movement

  • Content management systems

  • Social media management

Enable & Support

  • SEO and Google Ads

  • Powerful digital marketing

  • Online brand development

  • Graphic and logo design

  • Email integration and marketing

  • Website maintenance and programs

  • FULL website backup and restore

  • Paypal connectivity 

Ready To Design

If you need multiple services you don't have to fill out a form for each service. Check the additional service below and we will discuss it during our consultation!

Other Services You May Need:

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